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    Add/Edit a Descriptor Window

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Quick Summary: Allows you add a new descriptor or edit an existing descriptor

How to Get There: Records/Edit Record Descriptors then click the Plus button or Pencil button next to a descriptor control


Use this window to add a new descriptor or edit a descriptor that is already present in the database.  Simply type in the new descriptor, and select OK.  To add a number of descriptors, press the Enter key twice after entering each one.

For detailed instructions on linking descriptors, see Working with Descriptors.

Here's a description of the controls in this window:

Descriptor Edit Box

The label for this edit box will depend on the field that is being edited.  For example, if you are adding or editing an hourly rate, the edit box will be labeled "Rate."

Type the descriptor text into this edit box, or modify the text that is already present.

Descriptor Radio Buttons

If you are linking the descriptor to another, select the descriptor field to which it will be linked.  For example, if you are linking an hourly rate descriptor to a client, select the Client radio button.

Note that since descriptors may only be linked to others that are above them in the hierarchy (for example, you may not link a client to an hourly rate), some of these buttons may be disabled.

If you don't want to link the descriptor, choose the radio button labeled "None (that is, not linked)".

Descriptor Combo Boxes

Select the descriptor text to which you wish to link the descriptor.  For example, if you are linking an hourly rate of $80 to XYZ Corporation, select "XYZ Corporation" in the Client combo box.


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