Q. My work is often interrupted, and I bounce back and forth a lot between different projects. Can Time Logger handle this?

A. You bet! Just click on the "Pause" button when you're interrupted.  And we understand the need to switch back and forth between tasks.  That's why we've added many methods for task switching and quickly resuming earlier tasks.  Please download the trial version, and check out the F1 Help under "Shortcuts for Switching Tasks."

Q. I'd like to use my laptop to keep track of my time on the road, and another computer for office work. Is this a problem?

A. Not at all. Time Logger lets you synchronize your two databases with a few clicks of the mouse.  And you do not need a separate license for your laptop.

Q. Can I import my existing data into Time Logger?

A. Of course!  Time Logger's flexible import/export capabilities make it easy to share data with other applications.

Q. I sometimes do several things at once.  How many stopwatches does Time Logger allow?

A. With Time Logger you can have up to four stopwatches running simultaneously on the PC!

Q. I prefer to use my database application for reports and my spreadsheet for analysis. Can I share Time Logger data with these applications?

A. Absolutely! Time Logger stores all information in standard Access files, so it may be accessed directly by many other applications. And Time Logger's import/export feature gives you even more flexibility. You can easily export any of your data in Responsive Time Logger to a .csv type file that can easily be opened in many other sotware products such as Microsoft's Excel.

Q. What happens if I order Time Logger and find out that it doesn't meet my needs?

A. No problem. Just return it within 30 days and we'll promptly refund your money, no questions asked. There's no risk or obligation of any kind.

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