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NOTE: If you currently own Responsive Time Logger, please click here to log in and view your discounted upgrade price under MyAccount.

When you are ready to receive the full benefits of Responsive Time Logger, return to this website to purchase your license(s) for your company.

NOTE: The FREE Trial (Demo) version instantly converts to the full featured version when you enter your License Key that you automatically receive by email after making your purchase.

Time Logger will help your company track more time and thus make more money. Try it yourself. The 14-day free trial is just like the full-featured version with just a couple of limitations (see below). The PC/Server/Workstation trial will expire after 14 days.  See: Get Started Quickly with Time Logger below.

Buy Now - Check Prices

Please click the Buy Now link when you are ready to purchase Time Logger. Once your online payment has been processed by our secure server (usually in less than 60 seconds), we'll automatically email you a unique registration code that will enable all of Time Logger's features.  You'll be able to keep the data that you entered while using the trial.

If you plan to use Time Logger in a multi-user environment, please check out our network installation instructions.

Limitations: You can only use Print Preview for reports (you cannot print to the printer from the trial version of Time Logger). You are limited to 120 records with the Single user Free Trial and 5,000 records for the Network/Multi-user Free Trial.

How to Download and Install the Free Trial

Single User Directions

Click here for SINGLE, NETWORK and WORKSTATION installation directions.

  1. At the top of this page, enter your email address and click the "Submit email & Start Download" button.
  2. Either Run (or Save and then Open) the Responsive Time Logger setup (installer) program named:
  3. Follow the setup directions on each screen. Note that most users can just accept the defaults.
  4. Once the setup program has finished, start Resonsive Time Logger using the shortcut on your desktop or under your START menu.

Multi-User and Network Installation of the FREE Trial

The Responsive Time Logger FREE Trial (Demo) version also works over a Windows® network for multiple users, with only a handful of features disabled. Please follow the directions for installing to a network that are available here.

Get Started Quickly with Time Logger

Besides having an intuitive and easy to use interface, Time Logger has seven ways to get help you get started quickly:  

  1. View the Quick-Start Guided Tour (either on this website or when you run Time Logger)
  2. Take the short Tutorial (using Time Logger, select "Help" then "Contents" then "Time Logger Tutorial" - it takes about 10 to 60 minutes, depending upon how thorough you want to be)
  3. Multiple Short Videos that show you how to do things, step-by-step
  4. The "Using Time Logger" section in the F1 help (using Time Logger, select "Help" and then "Contents")
  5. The "Reference" section in the F1 Help (using Time Logger, select "Help" and then "Contents")
  6. Check out the new Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs), select "Help" and then "Frequently Asked Questions"

System Requirements

Time Logger is designed to work on any computer running Windows XP, Vista, 7, Server 2003 or Server 2008. 

The download file is about 6 megs large. You need to have at least 20 megs of free space on your hard disk.

If You Currently Have Version 4 of Time Logger

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