Time Billing Package

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If you already own Time Logger and wish to add more user licenses, you can request a Customer Discount Code and receive full credit for the cost of user licenses you already own, making it very cost-effective and easy for you to increase your number of users.  Below is an example.

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Example of Increasing User Licenses

Increasing from a 10 user to a 15 user license would be calculated as follows:

New: (15 user license cost) $990
Current: (10 user license cost - your credit) -$740
Your Cost: (from 10 to 15 user license) $250



1) Calculate Your Cost to increase the number of users by clicking your current number of users on the left column and the new number of users in the right column. Your Cost will appear in the middle column.

2) Then click the Receive Customer Discount Code button just below Your Cost. You will be directed to a "Contact Us" page and you will need to provide us with information we will use to verify that you own the current number of licenses.

3) Once we have verified you are a current registered owner, we will email you a Customer Discount Code which will allow you to purchase your additional user licenses at the reduced price (Your Cost). If you have an email SPAM system, please allow it to receive emails from:

Current Number of Users
Cost to Increase Number of Licenses
Your Cost =
Request Customer Discount Code
New Number of Users
1 User License ($89) 2 User License ($158)
2 User License ($158) 3 User License ($237)
3 User License ($237) 5 User License ($395)
5 User License ($395) 10 User License ($740)
10 User License ($740) 15 User License ($990)
15 User License ($990) 25 User License ($1,499)
25 User License ($1,499) 50 User License ($2,399)
50 User License ($2,399) 100 User License ($2,999)
100 User License ($2,999) More than 100 (special pricing - email us)

We sell 1, 2, 3, 5, 10, 15, 25, 50, and 100-user licenses.  Note that you can't add these different licenses together.  For example, if you have eight users in your office, instead of purchasing a 5 user and a 3 user license, you need to purchase a 10-user license.  If you have any questions about this, please contact us.

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