Not many software companies can say they have been in business since 1992, like we can. We are still in business because we treat success as a mutual affair. We are successful because the products we deliver help ensure our customers are successful.

Based in Salt Lake City, Utah, we are Web-based company consisting of consultants and highly skilled professionals, just like your company. We employ a network of consultants for marketing and developing our products.

Since, 1993 when our flagship product, Responsive Time Logger, was introduced, we have worked hard to ensure that it contains the features and reliability your company needs to be successful at its business. Responsive Time Logger was the first software product for Windows designed exclusively for consultants, attorneys, accountants and other professionals to track their time and automatically generate invoices. We have a very long list of satisfied and loyal customers who swear by our product.

We have spent years refining and enhancing Responsive Time Logger to ensure it has the features necessary to meet the needs of your business, whether you have one employee or over one hundred. Our customers tell us that Responsive Time Logger meets their needs exceedingly well and is one of the best priced products in its class in terms of features and price. We intend to keep it that way.

If you have questions or comments, please do not hesitate to contact us by email or phone. We promise to do our absolute best to respond promptly. That's why we call ourselves "Responsive Software."

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