Version 5, Released April 23, 2012

We are quite excited about the new release of version 5. It has a tremendous set of enhancements that keep Responsive Time Logger at the top of its class. Plus, we plan on adding more features soon, and we are planning to begin new handheld development just as soon as we possibly can. We really, truly appreciate your support and thank you in advance for upgrading.  

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New Important Time Record Safety Features

New configurable warnings force you to confirm saving time and expense records that are not billable or for a $0 rate. Never loose billable time by accidentally unchecking the Billable Checkbox, or selecting a $0 rate. Plus, you'll find several new places where RTL-5 informs you about unbilled or not billable time, such as under View->Summary and when generating invoices.

Spell Checking

Now, the three primary areas where free form text is entered have spell checking built into them. These are the Description and Internal Description on the time and expense record and for all text Descriptor values (Client Name, Project, Subproject, Activity, etc.).

Fool Around with Impunity

Check out the menu option File->Start Using Sample Data. It lets you fool around with RTL to test out new features, etc. without the risk of altering data you shouldn't. Read about it when you click the menu option. (We thought this one might grab your attention!)

Many New or Revised "Information and Instructions" Windows

The "Information and Instructions" windows pop-up when you perform actions to help you get to know RTL-5 faster and easier. Once you know and understand the task you are performing, make sure you check the box "Dont't show me this message again." Some of the "Information and Instructions" windows let you select Yes or No to decide whether or not to perform some action. Others just pop-up to help you get to know the software's features.

Save and Recall Filter Definitions

The Filters you create can now be saved and used again and again under Records->Filter Time Records (the new menu location). Plus we've pre-bulit many Filter Definitions and we'll be adding more in future updates. AND, Technical Support can email you special Filter Definitions and with the Records->Import Filter Definitions you can easily make them available for your use.

Save and Recall Sort Order / Subtotal Definitions

The Sort Order / Subtotal definitions you create can now be saved and used again and again under Records->Sort Order / Subtotals (the new menu location). Plus we've pre-bulit many Sort Order / Subtotal Definitions and we'll be adding more in future updates. AND, Technical Support can email you special Sort Order / Subtotal Definitions and with the Records->Import Sort Order / Subtotals you can easily make them available for your use.

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Improved Accounts Receivable Reporting

Now there is one Aging report for All Clients that show how much each Client has been Invoiced and has Paid. Plus it shows the Payments that are past due 0-30 days, 31-60 days, 61-90 days and over 91 days.

Archive Time Records on ANY Filter

You can now use any Filter to select time and expense records for Archiving.

Import From Other Databases Based On Current Filter

You can import time and expense records from other databases using the current Filter. This handy feature is under File->Import->From Database Using Current Filter... Directions for its use appear when you select the menu option.

Resizeable Screens That Remember Their Positions

Now, all of the screens in RTL-5 that display data, or where it makes sense, allow resizing and positioning. Take full advantage of large monitors and multiple monitors.

Significant Enhancements to Descriptor Management

Managing RTL-5's Descriptors is fast and easy, now. Plus, we've added the ability to Inactivate Descriptors that you're not actively using.

  • Inactivate any Descriptor.
  • When inactivating Client Descriptors (the Client Name), their associated Address Information record, Invoices and Payments are hidden. Easily view the Inactive Client's data with the "Show Inactive" option.
  • Add large sets of Descriptors with a copy and paste.
  • Link large sets of Descriptors being added to one or more parent Descriptors.
  • Options to force Descriptor Linking for all types of Descriptors.
  • Safety controls to prevent Linked Descriptors from being orphaned.
  • Prevent Unlinked Descriptors from being added.
  • Optionally and automatically update Time Records when the corresponding Descriptor has changed.

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Radically Improved Invoices with Custom Template Fields (CTF)

Now you can put just about ANY time record information on an Invoice.

  • Create your own custom %dynamic fields (Custom Template Fields or CTF) which contain one or more of any of the time record fields and display one row for each time record on the Invoice Template.
  • Create your own custom %dynamic fields (CTF) which contain subtotals for all of time records on the Invoice Template.
  • Optionally display custom %dynamic fields in either tabbed formatting with your own column headers, or in lined tabular format with built-in column headers.
  • Many more new pre-defined %dynamic fields available to put on the Invoice Template, including...
    • Amounts previously paid for the Client
    • Amounts previously invoiced for the Client
    • Custom Client fields, that can be defined on the Edit->Client Information window for each Client
    • Your company contact information and custom fields, that can be defined under Tools->Global Options->Company. This allows you to enter your company contact information once and then put the dynamic fields on multiple Invoice Templates and change your company information once and have it reflected on all Invoices.

Custom Calculation Definitions (CCD) for Invoice Templates and Template Reports

You can define your own custom calculations to appear on an Invoice Template or Template Reports (explained below). You can even use custom values for each Client (stored under Edit->Client Information) or for your Company (stored under Tools->Global Options->Company Info).

  • Add, Divide, Subtract, Multiply both variable (such as %total_due) and fixed values (such as .1 for 10%).
  • Put up to ten custom calculations on an Invoice Template or Template Report.
  • Perform cascading calculations where the result from one calculation is an operand in another calculation.

    How to take 10% off the %total_due as a CCD that you name %ten_percent_off_total_due

    Left Value
    ( +, -, *, / )
    Right Value
    Stored In
    Stores 10% of %total_due in %amount01 and %amount_currency_01
    Stores 90% of %total_due in %amount02 and %amount_currency_02

    How to use the above CCD on an Invoice Template or Template Report

    %ten_percent_off_total_due [The CCD name is placed at the top of the Invoice Template or Template Report and defines how to calculate the amounts when generated. Nothing is printed on the actual invoice/report in place of the CCD name, unless that CCD is not found.]
    Subtotal Due:
    less 10%:
    Total Due:

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Improved Invoice Processing

  • More information is presented before you generate an invoice to help you determine if that Client is ready to invoice and that you are invoicing the correct amount.
  • The system now automatically shows you if there is any unbillable time for the client you are about to invoice.
  • The 1, 2, 3 invoice processing steps are more obvious and the system warns you if you forget to post an invoice.
  • If you forget to post an invoice, Invoice->Restore Filter for Last Unposted Invoice will bring those time and expnese records back to the main window.
  • You can provide your own name to the generated invoice files.
  • There are many new menu shortcuts to simplify working with invoices:
    • Invoice->View/Set Next Invoice Number
    • Invoice->Switch Invoice Template File
    • Invoice->Import Invoice Template

Simplified Invoice Deleting

When deleting an invoice under Invoice->Accounts Receivable, the system will optionally automatically un-post the corresponding time and expense records and allow you to roll-back the next invoice number.

Locked Records

Time and expense records that have been posted to an invoice [Invoice->(Step 3) Post Invoice...] are now automatically locked. Locked records cannot be changed. Administrators (or single users) are authorized to unlock Time Records. You can also use Locking for other uses, if you are not generating invoices.

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NEW Reports Menu - And Two Types of Reports!

There is a new Reports menu and two types of reports. Plus, a set of pre-built reports is available with more added each update to the software.

  • Main Window Reports: This is the "traditional" RTL report, but they are easier to define, find and they automatically go to Print-Preview with one click.
  • Template Reports: These have all the completely customizable features of an Invoice Template, but you can use them as reports, custom emails, status reports, subtotal reports, personnel reports, or whatever else you can think of.
  • Need a report? Ask Technical Support! For a limited time, we'll build it for you (for free) and email you the definition file. Just use RTL-5's "Import Report..." option to import the report into you system, where it is available at the click of a button..

New Summary Report

The View->Summary now shows Billable, Non-Billable and Billed time plus totals for the Filtered Records. It's actually a Template Report and gives you an idea of what you can build with the new Template Report feature.

Better Managed Backups & Deleted Records are Placed in "Trash"

The backup and restore system has been improved. The system keeps all deleted time records in a deleted database.

Completely New Installer (Setup Program)

One installer performs SINGLE, NETOWRK and WORKSTATION installations, greatly simplifying the network and workstation setup. When installing workstations on existing RTL-5 network installations, the possible user names are now provided.

Enhanced Client Information Window

The new Client Information window (Edit->Edit Client Information) contains many more new fields to hold Client contact data. Plus, we've added three new Custom fields to put custom values in, such as a special percent discount to use in a Custom Calculation Definition. There are many new features on this screen, including:

  • Now a resizeable window.
  • Hide and move coluns to see only the data you wish.
  • The field order you set up is now used for Exporting and Importing.
  • Export to and Import from just about any Client Information layout using any Client Information field arrangement.
  • Switch and Convert Client Information databases.
  • Add All Client Names to the Client Descriptors. Handy if you import a large set of Client Information records.
  • Show/Hide Inactive Client records.

New Status Line On Main Window

A new status line on the main window shows how many records are displayed and whether or not a Filter is being used, which would limit the time and expense records that are visible.

On-screen Access to Memorize Descriptors and Recall Descriptors

When adding or editing time and expense records, or using the stopwatch, you can click the Memorize and Recall buttons to memorize and recall all of the Descriptors for time records. This significantly decreases the time it takes to switch tasks or record time and expense records.

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Enhanced Accounts Receivable Window

The new Accounts Receivable window (Invoice->Accounts Receivable) has new features to simplify managng your Invoice and Payment records, including:

  • Now a resizeable window.
  • Hide and move coluns to see only the data you wish.
  • Switch and Convert Accounts Receivable databases.
  • View the NEW All Clients Aging Report.
  • Show/Hide Invoices and Payments for Inactive Clients.

View Report Print Width

Now, before you print, you can obtain the width of your Main Window report with File->Show Report Width of All Columns... which displays the width in both inches and centimeters.

Lock the Simplified Menus

Now in multi-user environments, the Administrator can lock all users into the Simplified Menus, which prevent administrative tasks from being available.

New Advanced->Diagnostics Data

The Advanced->Diagnostics now displays much more information about your physical file locations and some key settings that will help you, your company's technical support and Responsive Software's Technical Support. Use this option to find where key data files are located and more.

And Much More!

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Upgrade Today!

When you upgrade, simply install the new Time Logger "next to" version 4. Do not uninstall version 4 and do not install version 5 into the version 4 directory (the install will not let you, anyway). Then, have RTL-5 automatically convert all of your version 4 data into version 5 with File->Convert.... Click here to order the upgrade with the existing user discount.

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