9 (Not So Obvious) Time & Productivity Tips

1. Know your purpose -

"Find something that you enjoy doing so much that you would gladly do it fo nothing then get good enough at it that you can get paid for it." Anonymous.

When you are working with passion, you truely enjoy what you are doing your productivity naturally increases. If you aren't happy in your current workplace, not enthusiastic about the work you're doing it may be a sign that you haven't really found that one thing you are passionate about. Try to turn things around by doing the one thing you enjoy so much you would do it without pay.

2. Kill your television -

Do you really need to watch as much as you do? Does your family spend loads of time in front of the television? Turn off the television an extra hour everyday and spend that time building up your family and yourself. You'll find that this tv-free time will be energizing. It can help you feel less guilty about the time you have to spend away from home working. When you can take a bit of that guilt away you'll be able to give full attention at work.

3. Run with the thinkers (not the whiners)-

Everyone knows a whiner. The "yes, but" person who never seems to accomplish anything. Who are you hanging with? If you run with the Thinkers you'll be in an positive environment that concentrates on solutions, not obstacles. You'll be with the people who say "yes we can" even when they aren't sure what the plan will be. These are the people who get things done. When you run with the thinkers you'll be more productive because you'll eradicate negative, "stinkin' thinkin" that can drag you down.

4. Study your weaknesses - let knowing them become your strength -

No one person is good at everything all the time. Even "the Donald" surrounds himself with people who have the experience and expertise to help him drive his company forward. Take the time to examine your weaknesses. For example: Are you the "big picture" person but you don't do well with the details? Get an assistant who is great at the details to provide balance. You'll be able to focus your efforts where you are most effective and the people who surround you can focus on those things that support your overall goal.

5. Build your power base (knowledge)-

Even though it takes time to learn new things, to improve your knowledge base, it's true that knowledge is power. When you know more about the industry you serve, you’re aware of the needs of your prospects and clients and how best to use the technology at your disposal you'll be a better sales person and be more productive.

For example: Google recently integrated tasks between webmail and the calendar. What does this mean in terms of productivity? When you have all your tasks lined out with a due date you can see at a glance what needs to be completed when and plan your days accordingly. The calendar can also be shared with others in your office for collaboration and group productivity.

Just knowing how to use this technology can make you more productive, more "on top" of what is going on in your workplace.

6. Paint your masterpiece today-

What does your ideal day or week look like? Seldom do people realize that you are in control of what your day, week, month or year may bring. And while there are always surprises, you are in control of how those surprises are handled. The outcome is in your hands so when you begin each day picture how you want the day to turn out and work towards making that picture happens.

The mind is a wonderful tool and when it's convinced that things will go well, they always do. And days that go well are always more productive than days that don't. Use your mind to build that perfect day, paint your masterpiece in life and work toward making things happen.

7. Be accountable to your vision -

So you have a vision, you have that great dream looming out there. How are you being accountable to that vision? If you know you want to own a home on the beach, what are you doing to make that happen? Do you have a specific date in mind? Have you investigated and started saving for a down payment? These are just two of the steps but just like you are accountable to your clients, you should be accountable to yourself whether you are thinking of long term goals or just the goals of the individual days. The ultimate reward is being able to check things off your list and to know you are progressing forward, but little things like chocolate can also help motivate you to be more accountable to your goal

8. Replace worry with action -

There are a lot of layoffs and financial worries right now so it's easy to get so caught up in the worry that you become less active when working toward your goals. Instead of focusing on the worry, focus on what you can do to make the best of every situation. If you know a layoff may be imminent, don't drop your productivity and sulk, step things up a notch to show your value. (This will also help you get a great recommendation should you need to search for another job) Keep your eyes open for opportunities within and outside your company. If you are an entrepreneur, focus 80% of your efforts on those tasks that are the most profitable. This will ensure that you are consistently building your finances so you can weather the tough times.

9. Make Somebody's Day -

Every day try to do at least one thing that will make someone's day. It may providing a service free for someone in a pinch, buying coffee for co-workers, complimenting the service from a vendor you see regularly. Any one of these things will brighten someone's day. And, you'll feel great about yourself as well. When you feel good about yourself you'll be more productive and focused on your goals as well.

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