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Responsive Time Logger® The award-winning time and billing software for Windows that tracks billable time and expenses for your entire company.  Use it to quickly record time and expenses, automatically generate invoices, track payments, record retainers and much more!

Who uses Responsive Time Logger? Companies of 1 to 100 Consultants, Attorneys, Accountants, Software Developers, Engineers, Web Designers, Graphic Artists and many more professionals are using this time tracking software to manage, track, and invoice their time and expenses spent working for clients. The benefits they realize are extensive and include increased billings, decreased overhead and improved client relationships from delivering clear, professional and verifiable invoices.

"My clients want my valuable services and to know they are being charged fairly. Since using Responsive Time Logger my billings have increased - and my clients trust that my services are cost-justified because of my clear records. If I am ever questioned about an invoice, I have all the records right at my finger tips. "

Shay P. Thomas, IT Consultant, Chicago, IL
Customer since 2005

"Responsive Time Logger prevents my billable time and expenses from being lost. With this easy to use time tracking software, I'm able to automatically produce my own customized invoice from the time records I've entered. Now I'm charging for all of my billable time and expenses while building strong and trusting relationships with my valuable clients."

Renee M. Ford, Professional Organizers, Boston, MA
Customer since 2007

More Customer Feedback

Does it Provide a Return On Investment (ROI)? Yes! We wouldn't still be in business since 1993 if it didn't. We want you to use Responsive Time Logger because it meets your needs and provides you with a BIG Return On your Investment (ROI). Customers like this one ($500 extra per week in billings) have found that it has paid for itself over and over again via increased billings and decreased overhead . We have customers who have been using the software for 5 to 10 years, nearly unheard of in the software business. We are sure that it will provide you with a large ROI, too. If you're not sure, we'll help you assess whether or not Responsive Time Logger will meet your needs. Remember, we want 100% satisfied customers, so we will be 100% honest. Better yet, download the software and try it for yourself.

Is the software easy to use yet full of features? Special features let you jump back and forth between different projects.  Most important, Time Logger is easy to use and understand.  Online videos, a Quick-Start Guided Tour, and extensive F1 help will get you started quickly.

Where can the software run? You can run Responsive Time Logger on any Windows PC or workstations over a network or on a simple file-share. Single licensed users can record their time on their desktop and/or laptop. Multiple licensed uses can store everyone's time on any Windows server or a file share in a central time records database and connect up to 100 user workstations to record and manage time records for the whole company over the network.

How long has the software been available? Responsive Time Logger has been used since 1993 by consultants, lawyers, accountants and many similar companies that bill for their time and expenses. The software works for one to over one-hundred employees or users and runs on Windows andWindows Networks.

Our time tracking software is hailed as a winner by:

With Time Logger You Can . . .

  • Manage all your billable time and expenses in one convenient location.
  • Build client confidence with automatically generated, accurate, professional invoices.
  • Manage time by project, prevent budget overruns.
  • Get paid for all your services with time and expense software that will help you improve cash flow

"The time savings for staff for billing of matters has been significant. Technical support over the years has been excellent."

~ Glen Purdy, Attorney

Responsive Time Logger runs:

  • On desktops and laptops
  • On servers and workstations
  • On Windows Mobile handhelds
  • On Palm OS handhelds
  • With 1 to 100 Users.
    (Add more users as you grow)

PC System Requirements:

  • Windows XP, Vista, 7, Server 2003 or Server 2008 (32 or 64 bit)
  • 15 MB free disk space
  • Pentium CPU or faster
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